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Thank You Notes – How Long Do I have to Write One?

Thank You Notes – How Long Do I have to Write One?

Thank you notes should be written very quickly, especially if the gift is mailed to you.  A good rule of thumb, write the note within one week of receiving of the gift.  If you’re traveling, like on a honeymoon, notes should be written immediately after you return.  If your honeymoon is greater than two weeks, […]

Holiday Photo Card Sale

Ho, ho, holidays are almost here! We’re offering holiday photo cards for $1.00 each with envelopes (red, green, gold or silver) with printed return address.   Add an envelope liner, rounded corners and images or designs to the back for only $0.50 more.   Add guest addressing to the envelopes for $0.75 per envelope.   […]

Favor Tags – Little Card = Big Impact

Favor tags are inexpensive, typically less than $1.00 each, but what a big impact they make. They provide another way to use your logo, monogram or personal branding and to show your guests how much you appreciate them.  Favor tags are great for weddings, showers, birthdays and even as a tag when you’re giving the […]

TGIF Funnies | Please RSVP!!

On Fridays, we will share with you some of our favorite e-cards. We laugh a lot at Three Little Birds, so we figured we should share some of that with you. Enjoy! Hey guests, don’t let this be you! Please mail back the response card; the couple needs an accurate count!

TGIF Funnies | The “Plus-One” Dilemma

If someone isn’t dating anyone seriously, don’t feel obligated to give them a “plus one” or guest.  You probably don’t want random people at your wedding.

TGIF Funnies | Please Spellcheck!!!!!!!

This is super important for anything we print for you! How do we know the difference between your cousin Stuart, Stewart and Steward?

TGIF Funnies | Seating Your Guests

Arranging guests is the most time consuming thing you’ll do, but we recommend it. A great seating chart or escort cards will help everyone feel like a winner.

TGIF Funnies | The Guest List Decision

Each month we’ll feature a Funny to give you a laugh AND a little advice! Deciding who to invite can be daunting. Here’s an easy way to choose your guests, ask yourself, have you talked to them on the telephone in the last year? If you need to further reduce, ask yourself if you’ve seen […]

Ribbons… Not just for your wedding invitations

Ribbon is not just for weddings. Ribbon can be a great added feature for a variety of stationery.  From birth announcements to note cards, let us create something for you that incorporates ribbon.

Real Wedding Wednesday: Traditional and Sophisticated

It is such a joy to see all the pieces of the wedding invitation suite pictured so perfectly! We were delighted to design these beauties for Britney and Evan’s wedding weekend. The custom wedding invitation suite was thermography and digital printed and banded together with a custom designed belly band and seal. These beautiful images were […]


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