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What You Need

If you feel that invitations will only be thrown in the trash, perhaps we are not the shop for you.  We are paper lovers, and so are our customers.  We love the feel, the craftsmanship, the details. And hope you do too.

Stationery sets the tone for any event.  It’s a preview of the greatness to come, the details you have planned and the experience you desire to make.

The dress, the pictures and the stationery; that’s what’s left after your big day.

Let’s create something memorable.

Wedding stationery is more than just wedding invitations.  Save the dates, programs, place cards, favor tags, welcome gift bags, the list is endless; click here to see some of what we offer.  The more items, the more your guests experience.    When we meet, we will discuss your wedding vision and make recommendations on stationery that will enhance the event.

Setting a Stationery Budget

Why do we want to know how much you’ll spend?  The goal is give you the best value for your budget; we recommend 10% of your overall budget for stationery.  You can spend everything on just the invitations, but why, when a combination of stationery items will much better enhance the experience.  We want the guests to continue to be amazed.

Wedding stationery is offered at a variety of price points; click here to see a partial price list.  The factors that contribute to the pricing are printing style, paper choices, and quantities.

Setting the Tone

From casual to black tie, let’s make sure what we create for you sets the appropriate tone.  The invitation tells more than the date, time and place; it conveys the dress code, gift spend and level of interest and excitement.

Pinterest is great for inspiration, let’s discuss your ideas and create something unique for your rather than duplicating something from Pinterest.

Before we meet, please click here.


Three Little Birds is an award winning stationery store located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Offering design, illustration and calligraphy, we work with customers throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of printing, papers, etiquette, customs and traditions.

We love what we do and look forward to working with you.