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Joanna and Rob – More than a Couple…

by threelittlebirdsinc

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Joanna and Rob, captured on their wedding day by the super talented Critsey Rowe, were one of our favorite couples ever!

Peninsula Club Wedding and Reception Peninsula Club Wedding and Reception

Here are several reasons why:

1. They were nice and fun (and still are).
2. They were planning a beautiful wedding.
3. They loved William Arthur invitations

AND most importantly, they built us a cabinet for our wedding albums!  Yes, folks, they mentioned they could build and we asked…no begged for their help and voila a cabinet almost six feet tall and eight feet long was delivered with a smile!  We could not stop hugging them when it arrived; it is well constructed, beautiful and ever so functional.  It is too large for me to get the whole thing in a picture so come see it; we’ll show it off with great pride!

We asked William Arthur to create a custom duogram for them and William Arthur said yes, no problem.  The duogram was featured on the invitation, invitation envelope and response envelope.

Three Little Birds - William Arthur - Vintage - Border

They have a great sense of humor; something that showed with the cute entrée motifs on the response card.   Who says a wedding cannot be both formal AND fun?!

Please visit Critsey Rowe’s blog to see the stunning images she took of this gorgeous wedding.

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