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Printing Styles

 We are proud to offer the following printing styles; underlined words are hyperlinked to examples:

Digital $ – flat printing; perfect for light colored papers
Offset $-$$ – flat printing; can be used on dark papers
Thermography $-$$ – printing style that uses powered resin heated on wet ink (offset) to raise the text and designs.
Foil Stamping $$-$$$ – colored foil on a film-backed material that adheres to paper with a heated die.
Letterpress $$$-$$$$ – plates make a deep impression in paper that is soft in texture and thick.
Engraving $$$-$$$$ – printing where the plate, usually copper, raises the paper with pressure.
Embossing $$$-$$$$ – colorless engraving that creates a raised, colorless image.

For all printing styles other than digital, a separate plate must be made for each color.

Other services we offer fall under Bindery and include:

Die Cutting – using custom dies to cut things into shapes; over 135 shapes are currently available
Saddle Stitching – stapling in the middle of booklets or brochures
Hole Drilling – punching holes; a variety of diameters are available
Coil Binding – spiral binding used to hold together books, brochures and documents
Creasing/Scoring – adding a fold in an item
Gluing – using various adhesives to bind items together
Duplexing – using adhesive to create thicker papers
Perforating – adding a series of small slits that create a perforation in items that need to be removed from the main item
Padding – create note pads in a variety of thicknesses and sizes
Cutting – reducing paper to a smaller, desired size
Corner Rounding – creating rounded corners
Laminating – adding a translucent, water resistant film over and under an item
Hand Lining Envelopes – creating a die cut shape and hand gluing liners inside envelopes; hundreds of paper choices
Assembly – put together by gluing, ribbon tying or other methods
Wide Format Printing – creating images over 12?x18? for posters, seating charts any any other oversized project.

If you don’t see the service you need let us know; if we cannot do it we know who can!