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Stationery to Consider

to consider

We often hear, I don’t know what I need.  Well, we can’t make that decision for you, but we can tell you what’s available and how these items are used.  We’ve compiled a list of stationery to consider for Weddings, Business and Social correspondence.


For most of our customers it’s their first wedding.  We want the stationery process to be enjoyable so here is a listing of things to consider.
Save the Dates – used to provide information to your guest on the date and location of your wedding.  You can also add accommodations and your wedding website.
Invitations – used to provide the details (date, time, location, city, state) of the wedding and set the tone for such a special event.
Reception Cards – used to provide information on the reception (time, location, city, state).
Rain Cards – used to provide an alternate location for an outdoor wedding in the event of inclement weather.
Guest Information Cards – used to provide additional information to your guests such as accommodations, wedding website, dress code, additional events or anything else.
Response Cards – used for your guests to let you know whether or not their attending your wedding.  You can also have them indicate an entrée choice.
Thank You Notes – folded or flat cards used to thank guests, family and friends for their gifts and attendance.
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations – invitations that provide the details (date, time, location, city, state) on the dinner following the rehearsal.
Welcome Notes – used to welcome guests to the wedding weekend.  These can be placed in guest gift bags.
Ceremony Programs – used to provide guests with the order of the ceremony including, but not limited to readings, songs, wedding party members.
Table Numbers – small signs that provide guests with direction on where they should sit based on assignments (see Seating Chart and Escort Cards).
Seating Chart – a large sign that indicates at which table each guest is assigned.  This can be used in lieu of Escort Cards (see immediately below).
Escort Cards – used to tell guests at which table they are assigned.  These are often tented cards and can be used in lieu of a seating chart.
Place Cards  – used to tell guests at which place they are assigned at a table.  These are often tented cards and can feature the entree choice to assist the wait staff.
Menus – used to give your guests a written preview of what they will have for the meal.
Favor Tags – tied or placed on the favor to convey a thank you, the couple’s name or an indication of what the favor is or how to use it.
Buffet Signs – signs placed on the buffet or at stations to indicate the items served.
At Home Cards – used to provide guests with your new address.  These can also be sent to acknowledge the receipt of a gift when a long honeymoon is planned.
Announcements – used to inform friends and family of your recent marriage.  These are often used after a small or destination wedding.

There are additional creative uses for stationery.  Check out our Pinterest page, by clicking here, for a few fun ideas!

In business, there are stationery items that will assist you with conveying your printed message appropriately.
Business Cards – palm sized cards pre-printed with your company’s logo and your contact information.
Letterhead – standard size sheets featuring your company’s logo and contact information and used for typed correspondence.
Letter Sheets – smaller sheets, often folded in half or thirds.  Letter Sheets are used for hand written notes and can feature your company’s logo and contact information.
Flat Notes – small, heavier weight paper cards used for hand written notes.  These can be used in lieu of Letter Sheets.
Leave Behind Cards – small cards, but larger than a business card, often preprinted, to provide your contact information and a little information on your company.
Brochures – varying size cards, sometimes folded, used to provide information about your company, often with pictures, and your contact information.

Check out samples of business stationery on our blog by clicking here.

With social correspondence, there are a variety of options.
Calling Cards – palm size cards, similar in size to a business card, pre-printed with your personal contact information.
Flat Notes – small, flat cards, and often on heavy weight paper used to write a note.  These are often the preferred correspondence medium for men.
Folded Notes – small, folded cards, used to write a note.  This is often the preferred correspondence medium  for women.
Letter Sheets – small sheets, often folded in half or thirds, used to write a longer note.
Gift Enclosures – small cards, similar in size to a business card, used to place inside a gift to inform the recipient of the giver.

Check our samples of social stationery on our blog and Pinterest pages.


Three Little Birds is an award winning stationery store located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Offering design, illustration and calligraphy, we work with customers throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of printing, papers, etiquette, customs and traditions.

We love what we do and look forward to working with you.