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Ten Years – Our Anniversary

Ten years.  Really?  Yes, we’ve been open for ten years. So much has happened personally and professionally in that timeframe.  And yet, I regret very little.  I love what I do.  I truly believe it’s my calling and I am very protective of this store and my co-workers. No, we aren’t curing cancer or solving world […]

Personal Post – Turning 40

Very rarely do I write anything personal on our blog; I like to keep it light, fun and focused on the store.  Today, I could not resist – it’s my 40th birthday.  For a couple of weeks I have been deemphasizing it.  I wasn’t thrilled about turing 40.  Please, don’t get me wrong, I am […]


Three Little Birds is an award winning stationery store located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Offering design, illustration and calligraphy, we work with customers throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of printing, papers, etiquette, customs and traditions.

We love what we do and look forward to working with you.