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Thank You Notes – What Should Be Included?

by threelittlebirdsinc

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Tuesday Tip

When receiving a gift or a kind gesture, a thank you note should always be written.  What goes into a well written note?  Here are a few tips:

Greeting = “Dear XX”, “Hello”

Appreciation = “Thank you for…”, “It was so kind of you to…”

Acknowledgment = “The five piece place setting of our formal china”, “The Cuisinart mixer…”

Planned Use = “We can’t wait to have you over for dinner”, “The vase looks lovely on our buffet”

Salutation = “With love…”, “Sincerely,”

Remember, be prompt with writing the notes, acknowledgment should occur within one week of the gift’s receipt.  If it was from a wedding, two weeks maximum if you’re taking a honeymoon.

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