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2115 Southend Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203



10th Anniversary – Logo Design

So last week we told you about choosing our name, Three Little Birds.  Well, after a name, you need a logo, right?  So, my favorite color is red so I knew that would be the color for the birds.  I thought little fat birds with skinny legs would be super cute.  So, I hired a graphic designer, Sarah, to bring my vision to life.

And literally, that was all the direction I gave her.  

And voila, she created this.

See, a good designer is creative and often doesn’t need too much direction.  The design come from the passion you, as the customer, exudes, combined with the designer’s skills and experiences.  So trust and you’ll have something far better than what you could have imagined.  Our customers who trust us to create always are thrilled with the finished designs.  Yes, Pinterest has a place, for inspirations, not copying.

Remember, you’re hiring an “expert” let them do what they do!

I digress…

The original version had the red that was too “orange-red”, I asked her to deepen the color to more of a “blue-red” and just like that, we were done.

The touches she added of the eyelashes and birds turned different ways seemed perfect to me.  It’s like they’re exploring, searching for the new best thing.  That’s what we do at Three Little Birds; we’re constantly learning, trying new things and  working to improve.

A couple of years ago I changed the fonts (typestyles); of course the birds remained EXACTLY the same!

Ten years later I feel the same way about the birds that I did the first day I saw them.

They make me smile and that’s the experience I wanted when people came to our store.  I wanted something memorable and these birds are it!   People over the years may not remember the full name of the company, or even my name, but they always remember something; little birds, red birds, bird lady; something.   Isn’t that how branding is supposed to work?

Life should be fun and these birds allow for fun.  We often dress them for holidays and special occasions.  Each time their attire makes me laugh.  The next change we’ll show is something for football.  Stay tuned to see if it will be for our beloved NCA&TSU Aggies or Carolina Panthers and then there’s Labor Day, then Halloween, you get the point…

What is life if laughter is not included?

And here’s a Tuesday Tip for you:
We love designing logos and assisting customers with branding; contact us today for a few hints on branding.  In the interim, check out this great article on color.

And read other Tuesday Tips on our Facebook page.

Tune in next week to learn more about our ten year journey!

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