2115 Southend Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203



2115 Southend Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203



GUTS – Charity Pumpkin Carving Event – Our Experience

So, as we mentioned yesterday, Melissa and I closed the shop early to participate in a charity pumpkin carving event.  It was great fun and nice knowing we were doing something to benefit Levine Children’s Hospital.  The air was cool, but the excitement high.  Here are a few pictures.

1. It’s always nice to see our name in print, even if stationery is spelled incorrectly (common mistake).  This year there were 85 carvers, my estimate is about triple as many as last year when we just watched.  

Three Little Birds - Guts - Sign2. We set up our table and I took a picture of Melissa.  We were ready to start, though we did notice that many of the other teams had far more tools then we did.  We we’re worried though.  We were the learn, mean, pumpkin carving machine…..right?

Three Little Birds - Guts - Melissa3. Let the carving begin!

Three Little Birds - Guts - Melissa at Work

Right at 4 pm we started, we had 1.5 hours.  Melissa was the fastest.   After she finished I asked her to help with my nose, I was scared I would mess up everything so she did it for me.  Nose you ask?  Yes, our pumpkins had facial features.  Can you guess what we created?

Three Little Birds - Guts - Melissa Helping

4. Voila – we finished with 30 minutes to spare!  Our concept, you ask?  The Nearly Dead Newlyweds!  A cute, and a little scary, skeleton bride and groom complete with top hat, veil, bow tie and surrounded by flowers.  We could not have a design that did not incorporate some cool paper and die cut items.  After all, that’s what we’re known for at Three Little Birds, well, and printing too.

Three Little Birds - Guts - Nearly Dead Newlyweds

We’re happy to announce that the happy couple is now resting on the porch of a person who generously bid to take them home.  We were glad there was a little bidding war; four different people vying for our creation.

So, who won the competition?  Here are the top three for the group category.

Third – Bolt Group

Three Little Birds - Guts - Third Place - Blot Group

Second – we missed their name, but will update next week once we find out

Three Little Birds - Guts - Secong Place

First – Birdsong Gregory

Three Little Birds - Guts - Winner - Birdsong GregoryA big shout out to our contact, Meg Collins, who made sure our first year participating was tons of fun!


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