2115 Southend Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203



2115 Southend Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203



Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful holiday!  At Three Little Birds we have sooooo much for which to be thankful.  On our Facebook page we’ve been participating in #30DOT, 30 days of thanks.  Here are our top ten reasons we’re thankful!

1. The Best Customers Ever!  From the person who comes in once to buy a card to those who shop here often, we can’t get enough of you.  We have watched couples go from their first date to marriage to having babies.  We have been there for the good things in life, but also the bad; illness and even death.  We comfort one another, celebrate the great memories and do what we can to help the healing process.

2. It’s our 5th anniversary year.  Yes, we open right when the economy tanked, but this never damped our spirits.  We just launched a new website.  We’re thrilled about this as well as some other new projects on which we’re working.
We’re thankful for perseverance; we’re still here and stronger than ever before.

3. We have a talented staff.  Our design staff is top notch; Graphic Design, Illustration, Calligraphy – you name it we can create it.
We’re thankful for their talents, but also their commitment and love of Three Little Birds.

4. Our philosophy; beautiful and fun.  Yes, we work hard, and use lots of hours to get the work done, but there is no need for one to dread being here – not as a staff member, customer or even visitor.
We’re thankful that we realized you can have both in a workplace.

5. We’re in a great location.  Southend has been our home the entire time we’ve been open and yes, it is a home.  The neighbors are kind, support and promote us.  We work hard to do the same.
We thank Southend for being a cool place.

6. Great vendors.  From paper merchants to the album companies to our window washer, we have worked very hard to find great people with whom to work.  We value them so much as they help us make the beautiful things we sell daily.
We thank them for being there for us in the bad and now the good time.

7. Our “extra-staff”.  These are my family and friends who help out during busy times or to help us finish a last minute job like the 300 menus that had raised printing in two colors, a folded middle, two holes punched and a black ribbon bow that we had exactly 24 hours to design, print and assemble.   We got it done, along with our other assignments and customer meetings, and the customer was thrilled!  They just want to see me succeed and without them we would not be able to accomplish so much!

The next three are more personal but still relate to the store.

8. I don’t have to do it all.  About a year ago I learned this lesson from my staff.  I always had the answer – or so I thought.  The old Kristen, Kristen Davis, would work like crazy to make sure I could do everything – no matter what it was – I could do it.  Now, this person I have become knows, I don’t have to do it all and most importantly, others can do it better.  No not everything, I still am a little controlling, but with a little delegation, people will amaze you with their skills and ability.
I am thankful that in realizing others can do great things our business has grown!

9. The ability to forgive myself.  Yes, during my darkest days I made some mistakes – bad follow up, late orders, poor communication,  etc.  None of these things were done intentionally, but they were done.  How often?  Not often, probably less than ten times of hundreds of orders, but ten times too many.  Most things I regretted instantly and worked to correct, other things I did not realize until later, after requesting customer feedback or just thinking back or putting myself in that customer’s shoes.  Not often does a business admit so publically that they screwed up.  Well, we aren’t your average business.  I cannot control whether or not others have forgiven us, but I can control forgiving myself.  Some of those folks have shopped here again, others have not.  Some have even told friends not to shop here.  Okay, none of this is to my liking, but again, I can only control Kristen and what Three Little Birds does going forward.
I am thankful for my spiritual, mental and educational growth.

10. This place saved me.  Corporate America was making me sick, physically and mentally – home wasn’t so great either.  Then a business deal gone wrong – taken advantage of by a friend – whoa – it was too much.  I was SAD.MEAN.MAD……………..
This place was my solace,  my life force, my sanctuary.  Once released from Corporate America, a bad marriage, repaying the debt and finally a house too big, things could not be better with me or the store.  I never imagined how removing toxicity can make you feel anew and inspire you like nothing before.  I no longer see the world as right and wrong.  I understand now that very rarely does someone do something to upset or disappoint you on purpose, there may simply be another reason to which they aren’t ready or simply cannot discuss.  I don’t get made at the driver who cuts me off while driving, I imagine their day was just really terrible, the same if a restaurant’s service is slow because in the end, my life is so much better than it was.
I am thankful for forgiveness.

I laugh everyday….multiple times a day.  A year a ago, I cried weekly; the year before that daily tears ran down my face.  Now the only tears I shed are from laughing so hard or being so excited.
I am thankful for everything Three Little Birds has taught me.

So, as you all enjoy your friends and family and we enjoy ours, know that everyday is a day of great thanks at Three Little Birds!

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